Olas Peru Surf School offers the highest level of instruction in a fully supportive environment.  We have several programs approved and designed for quick, fun, and safe learning.

We focus on the student's overall development, whereby he/she will not only get to know this sport but also becomes familiar with this discipline, and be able to assess possible hazardous situations, as well as learning First Aid basics and Life Saving Techniques.

Currently, we have some 80 students who attend the following schools in Lima: Roosevelt, Markham, Newton, Santa Maria, Santa Ursula, Cambridge, San Silvestre, Casuarinas, Inmaculada, Trener, Pestalozzi, etc.  We have the best surf instructors, all of them national surf champions in their respective categories.

Since we first started out, some 10 years ago, our business has grown considerably.  We have focused on permanently training our instructors and students.  We are the only South American surf school to have been awarded the International Certificate of the Australian Coaching Council sponsored by the Australian Sports Commission.

Our students and instructors have obtained first prizes in national competitions in their respective categories.

This makes us feel very proud of what we do.  We are promoting and developing this sport not only by teaching our students techniques but also values, discipline, and good behavior, which we hope will contribute to their overall development and help them progress in their daily lives.

Olas Peru Surf School trains, teaches, and prepares our future generations through its development programs that include physical, technical, tactical, and psychological aspects.